Sunday, 19 August 2018


~ Every day for the rest of August, I'm posting content for the Journeylands mini-RPG playtest! Find out more and get the rules for free right here. ~

A Route, Fuel cost 2.

This narrow canyon pass has recently been blocked off by a rock slide. The player characters will have to clear it to pass. Turning back and returning to the Point they started from also costs 2 Fuel.

Also at the rockslide:

1: A bandit captain (Grit 2, ACTd4, Thief) and 1d4 followers (same, no Grit). They are taking advantage of the impasse to harass travellers, or may have caused it themselves.
2: A lone miner with a pickaxe. Their lover lives on the other side. Not making much progress.
3: A food truck. The merchant is annoyed that they can’t make their usual run, but happy to do business.
4: 1d6 wildcats! Hungry and easily distracted. (A6, C4, T6)
5: An old man with what he claims is a magic staff, fruitlessly attempting to levitate the boulders with his mind.
6: Another vehicle full of adventurers just like the players, on a delivery. They’ll turn back and head via another route, advising the players do the same.

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