Tuesday 11 June 2024

Mothership 1E


Five years ago I started working in ttrpgs. One of my first jobs was a little pamphlet adventure for a game that wasn’t really out yet, but that I’d seen enough of to know it was going to be cool. It was fun to write, people seemed to like it. I hadn’t even seen Alien.

Fast forward five years and 2d5 published adventures later, and Mothership has finally landed. I’m so proud to see this little game grow into the horrific behemoth it’s become.

You can get the box set for Mothership here, including a new starter adventure that I contributed to. You can also get the core rules for free. Also free are a companion app for Apple and Android (no relation), and more community resources and helpful fellow Teamsters than you can shake a space stick at.

I hope you all have fun dying horribly for many years to come x