Thursday 7 April 2022

the graverobber’s guidelines

Excerpts from a (hypothetical (probably never(can’t be arsed))) GM’s guide for GRAVEROBBERS


If players are ever stumped on how to overcome a challenge, remind them of the COIN in their pocket - their Crime, Odds, Inventory and Notes. Something written on their criminal record may give them an answer, or the beginnings of one. (This means good note-taking may be necessary!)

If more than one of these four facets of a character lean towards their succeeding, rule in their favour. For instance, a convicted Burglar with rope and a grappling hook in their inventory most likely has enough skill and the necessary tools to scale a wall without rolling the bones.

The Hangman’s Rule

Your role as Dealer is a lot like the popular game of Hangman, in which one player chooses a word which the others must guess letter by letter. Choosing an easy word provides no challenge or fun, while too obscure a word makes the game unfair.

When setting challenges for your fellow players, aim for somewhere in the middle, and remember that while the fun of the game is in them figuring out the answer on their own, you are the only one in the know. Guidance or corrections will be required when you misjudge a challenge.