Tuesday 26 October 2021


 The new official Mothership pamphlet just dropped!

Piece By Piece is a murder-y mystery type one shot set in a robotics laboratory. Good for Wardens who like setting up investigations and playing up their NPCs, and players who enjoy the “solve” aspect of MoSh’s “survive, solve, save” mantra.

Made this one a while ago, then COVID happened, so it’s nice to see it out in the world! Feels like the last of the “old” MoSh, especially with the box set Kickstarter right around the corner. Everything from here on out is going to be… well, you’ll have to wait and see x

You can download or purchase the physical version from Tuesday Knight games right here.

Saturday 2 October 2021

1d6 More Gadgets

 I’d like the final DEADLINE dossier to have 6d6 gadgets (d66 if you’re nasty) rather than the current 1d6. Or as many as i can do without them getting worse. You’ll probably roll twice for them too.

My current vague “rules” for making gadgets are

- looks like a pocket-sized, era-appropriate item nobody would question you owning

- must do 2 cool things, on a standard spy mission at least one will probably be useful

- must offer a choice

Plus all the normal things that make a good magic item, just a bit more mundane

You can check the google doc for the current d6. I think they’re pretty good! Also I’ve adjusted the text for them a bit lately, just paring down the word count.

Anyway here’s some more. There will end up being some overlap in effect/ability by the time there are 36 of these - this is by design, certain abilities should be common/consistent. Some items might repeat as well I guess.

Ok so,

1. A lighter that can be used normally, or spend all its fuel at once in a single, intensely bright flare. The case is also a powerful electromagnet which can be switched on or off.

2. A flat red lollipop that reveals fingerprints and bloodstains when used like a magnifying glass. Once eaten, it coats the mouth with chemicals that neutralise any poison consumed or inhaled.

3. A wallet that can stop bullets, best kept in a pocket over the heart. It also contains a hidden camera which can take and immediately print a single picture.

4. A single key on a leather fob, easily detachable. Two hidden switches on the fob control the key wirelessly, one causing it to emit a loud whining noise and the other detonating the small explosive inside.

5. A cigar that holds a supply of clean, breathable air. If lit, it quickly burns away in a large plume of thick, acrid smoke.

6. A rolled newspaper, fireproof, waterproof and strong as a steel rod. It unrolls into a single sheet the size of a small parachute but cannot be rolled back up by hand.