Friday 12 February 2021

Zinequest Ahoy!

 Just thought I’d make a quick wee post reminding folks that ZineQuest is very much underway!

I don’t suppose there are many people who read this blog and don’t already know about zq, but just in case - it’s a bunch of tiny indie RPG projects, all on Kickstarter at the same time. You can put your money where your mouth is and support artists making bold, useful and ridiculous new game stuff - for cheap!

This is as much gameable material as you’ll need for the rest of the year - or indeed for much longer - for a fraction of the price of the big brands, and your donations help new and small creatives burst onto the scene in style.

My own project Journeylands is already overfunded with just a day or two left on the clock, and I’m over the moon with all the support so far. Click here to browse the wide range of other projects looking for your help!

And hey - now is as good a time as any to start planning for next year if you want to be involved in ZineQuest 2022! Myself and all the other creators who’ve done it before are always happy to help and give advice if it’s something you’re considering. The rate of projects that meet their goal soars during zq, so it’s a great time to debut your stuff and get a cool-ass zine made!

Peace x

Edit: And I’ve just been announced as a contributor on the ZQ project DYING HARD ON HARDLIGHT STATION! It’s a Mothership module based on Die Hard... I think that’s reason enough to go and check it out. 

Monday 1 February 2021

Journeylands Is Go!

Journeylands #1 is live on Kickstarter as part of zinequest 2021!

Check it out and support if you can!

Uhh... That's it!

Thank you! x