Friday 19 March 2021

March Update!


Lots going on behind the scenes, which is great but leaves very little time for bloggery, so I thought I’d do a little rundown.

- Journeylands is coming together nicely! After funding about a month ago, I had to wait for Kickstarter to process everything - so a couple of weeks ago we were finally able to get started.

Progress has been great already! I love being able to pay people to do good work. I’m doing visual development, bringing on artists and fine-tuning the text. The mechanics are all good, but the way they’re presented and explained in the final book is just as important. If not more so, haha.

So, early days, but good progress is being made. I’d say something drastic like “it’ll definitely arrive before next year!” But after how last year turned out... I can’t be quite that confident about the future. But yes, it’s doing well.

- I’m working on other projects! Did you know that if you like my stuff you can just hire me? :0 The pamphlet adventure I’m doing for Dying Hard On Hardlight Station is going to be good, hope all you Mothership fans managed to back that one. It’s cool to be part of someone else’s ZineQuest, would be cool to maybe do even more next year

- Other ongoing projects - GRAVEROBBERS is always happening. People seem to like that, every week or so it gets a new download! Well, it’s gonna be A Thing at some point, but I want it to be always free to everyone so there’s 0 budget - work will be slow. DEADLINE is paused but I know what that’s going to be, it’s still happening at some point.

- Always working on new things - I really hope I’ll be able to put out a new Paradice Arcade game this year, those are so so much fun. There’s a game I’ve been working on longer than any other project that is finally coming into what may well be its final form, and it’s looking quite Paradice-y. I have finished games from last year that just need the right artist too.

- I’ve been slowly gathering bargain-basement minis and making terrain out of recycling in order to play a game of Chris McDowall’s GRIMLITE. Just a home game for fun but it’s hobby-related so I thought I’d mention it I guess? I mostly keep non-work stuff to myself but I’m proud of this and having fun so I might share it on twitter at some point, idk

I’m finding a better work-life balance these days, and being hired for things and funding projects allows me room to breathe. All my art is going to benefit. This blog will be quieter, but think of it as a calm before a storm.

Happy gaming!