Tuesday 4 July 2023

It Came From The Blogosphere… Again!

 Ok don’t get too used to these. But since the second I posted my last roundup of fun blog stuff I’d been reading, I’ve been finding more and more.

Rey and Grey are in the process of getting BREAK!! made, and Rey did a kind of retrospective video on the game’s long development process here. (Speaking of YouTube, I mentioned the Bastionland broadcast in the last blogosphere post, and then in Chris’s very next video he gave the Graverobber’s Guide a shoutout! Which was nice. So if you’re here from there, hi.)

Here’s To Distant Lands talking about Zelda-style NPCs. TOTK has some really top notch NPC writing, and this post seems like a great way to capture some of that energy - with actual, practical tables and stuff.

Bait’s Terrifying Cuisine is getting a fancy new reprint! Here’s creator Giuliano Roverato talking about how it was made. One of the great adventures, imo.

You know I like words, right? Here’s 100 good words from Throne of Salt.

The Alexandrian categorises dungeons by size. What I really like here is the bit about expedition-style play.

Benign Brown Beast has a system for tracking movement through space, and the example catacomb dungeon makes it even more my jam tbh

The Dododecahedron talks about toolbox design. A nice summary of the kind of gameplay I enjoy too!

Someone on Reddit of all places made an rpg using only 3 (or fewer) letter words. May be fun, can you try it?

Skerples works on their new setting by going over some original, obscure Arthurian texts. Very cool

Nate Treme’s budget banh mi recipe 

And that’s it for this time around!

I may be posting a bit less frequently - WEAPONS TEST 023 is due to come out this month, and Twitter dying slowly means that I’m seeing less cool stuff (also less of all the other stuff, which is a plus).

I also got some pretty dire financial news unfortunately, as my income for this month has disappeared overnight. So we’ll have to see how sustainable blogging and game stuff is going forward.

If anyone is in need of any system/adventure writing, or editing/proofreading services, I’d appreciate the work - email me at graverobbersguide(at)gmail(dot)com. You can also buy my stuff here.

Hopefully I’ll be back on my feet and posting here again soon :)