Thursday 26 March 2020

Emergency Broadcast

All together now...

Ohhh, my hands are so clean/
At this mooo-ment!/
I’m in quaaar-an-tiiine!

As you may have noticed, there’s not much to do right now other than stay indoors, sit back and laugh as capitalism flails about, struggling to right itself like an upended tortoise. I hope this post finds you all well.

Things in Casa Graverobber are strange at the minute, but only insofar as strange is the new normal. There isn’t much gaming to be had, given that the particular kind of gaming I espouse here involves the opposite of social distancing. Oh, and my day job is kaput. (They’re “looking into” the government grant for folks who’ve lost their work hours. I’m fine. This is fine. I’m fine.)

Being indoors all day with little else to do does have its benefits - I’m hard at work on the various projects that I’ve got going on behind the scenes. Well... sort of. Turns out a global pandemic is a bit of a drain on the psyche. So, and this is for anyone who needs to hear it: there’s no point expecting yourself to be normally productive under such abnormal conditions. This isn’t Tuesday, this is an unprecedented upset to the status quo, and us creative types particularly shouldn’t feel pressured to come out of our caves once the dust clears clutching an opus in our ink-stained fingers. You can just survive. That’s enough. You’re enough.

But yeah, doing a bit of work. Thing is, it’s all background stuff - I’ll pop things on the blog here and there if they’re worth the attention, but without an ongoing game I’m short of useful material. Patreon supporters know I’ve been tinkering with making solo games for a while, and that tree will bear fruit some time in the next month or two, pandemic permitting. So, something you can play on your own! Couldn’t’ve timed it much better, as it happens. Haha.

If you backed BUTCHERY, expect the finished e-zine by the end of the year, as promised. It might be a little shabby round the edges, but it’ll be good. Also working with some very cool people on a little something for the game’s future, but you won’t be hearing about that for a long time.

That’s about it from me! Sorry it’s not much. Take care of each other, stay indoors. I love you.