Friday 24 March 2023


it’s been about a year since the past update on ONSLAUGHT, my solo souls-like game. Since then, WotC has announced a D&D product called Onslaught - tbh I never really liked the name anyway, so maybe i was just looking for an excuse. Anyway


A Perilous Quest in a Playable Book

You are a knight in a post-Arthurian wilderness, wandering its ruins and claiming the souls of knights who vainly cling to life in a world that no longer has use for them.

I’ve updated the free playtest prologue, which you can get here. Just some minor tweaks. Currently at work playtesting and balancing Chapter One, which is about twice as long and so needs a bit of attention.

In the meantime, I’ve also been tinkering with a stripped-down version of the system in a different setting, just as something that requires less work that I can play for fun and experiment through, and it’s turned into a fun little minigame of its own. It’s called DEMON WATCH and you’ll be hearing about it here soon. The full BRECKHELYGAN will be a bigger, longer, slower thing, but hopefully I’ll have more on that soon too.

Ok! Back to work on WEAPONS TEST 023. Cheers! x