Tuesday 25 June 2019

It Came From the Blogosphere! Straight to Video

Back from holiday! Currently in the process of moving out! Too... busy... for... RPGs!

But while there hasn't been time for much writing this month, there's certainly been time for reading. Here's a lil instalment in my ICFTB series.

did you know: you can read "blogs" (birtual logs) from all around the world while On Line?? 

My off-the-cuff ramble about the SWORD DREAM moniker is now the most viewed post on this blog. People really like talking about thinking about games, huh? I prefer making and playing them, so that's likely the last major thing you'll see me write on the topic - but here's some more context for people who want it. I edited the post to include a couple of links too.

If you're still looking for yet more high level meta-commentary, I found this post on how the indie scene fosters an unwelcoming attitude a worthwhile read, and true to my own experiences.

I enjoy learning more about the early days of the hobby, a time during which I was very much Not Born Yet. Here's a fascinating and well-written dive into a lesser-known RPG from that primordial era... and I really do mean "lesser-known".

Jeff Rients is running a FLAILSNAILS game again! If you're on this blog you likely already know about this and why it's a Cool Thing. You may even be taking part! Jeff's games are super fun, inclusive free-for-alls, and I'm definitely going to try and play once I'm more settled. If you don't yet know about FLAILSNAILS, you should check out the play reports Jeff's been posting - like this one - and get stuck in.

Finally: Zedeck wrote a living weapon class and it rocks socks.

Your regularly scheduled (to wit: largely unscheduled and highly irregular) Guide resumes next month!

Saturday 1 June 2019