Monday, 27 August 2018

Rock Shrine

~ Every day for the rest of August, I'm posting content for the Journeylands mini-RPG playtest! Find out more and get the rules for free right here. ~

A Point for your Journeylands game.

A place of study and training, of tireless devotion to the asymptotic pursuit of a perfect body and spirit.

The shrine and surrounding temple are themselves atop a large, sheer outcropping of rock. Climbing is impossible without some kind of gear, or a suitable plan.

For a stranger to reach the temple is most impressive. If the monks see potential in a visitor, they will allow them to attempt the Gauntlet.

The Gauntlet

Like that bit in kung fu panda, or the final challenge in The Raven (anyone remember that show?). Whether the tone is closer to Ninja Warrior or Takeshi’s Castle is up to you. Shifting pillars, spiked pits, moving platforms, swinging axes.

Think up three cool things that test Agility, then Coordination, then Toughness (eg: leaping between small platforms while they fall in sequence, then ducking and weaving while lion-monkey carvings in the walls spit arrows at you, then pushing over a stone obelisk to make a bridge to the end.) Or steal bits from the tv shows mentioned.

If they fail, no harm no foul, but they cannot attempt it again without proper training (as in, becoming a monk).

If they succeed, they could be the fabled traveller with a heart of pure gold… Take this Golden Sun Blade (upgrade your Coordination while using it, shines in the presence of impurity), and return once your journey is through if you wish to become the shrine’s new master.

As the master, you will meditate and train the rest of your days, before peacefully passing into the spirit world at the ripe old age of 108, beneath the twisted boughs of a citrus tree, finally at one with all things.

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