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Mysterious Village of the Fishfolk

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A Point for use in your Journeylands game.

Decades ago, settlers wandering the desert came upon a sundered shrine to an ancient sea goddess. Unable to bear seeing such beauty left forgotten, they decided to build their village around it, cleaning and rebuilding the shrine.

Once complete, its magic was restored and it began to run with clear water. The bounty was blessed, and bestowed favour upon those who drank it. Quickly, the new villagers began to mutate into forms more pleasing to the goddess.

Embarrassed by their new bodies, the fishfolk retreated from society.

Routes to the Village

Fishfolk set traps on all Routes leading to their enclave.

1: Fishfolk in camouflage with rifles at strategic high points. Will flee if noticed or confronted.
2: Two swinging logs that crash together.
3: The ground gives way to a pit filled with stagnant water (not blessed).
4: Caltrops or spikes on the road, little sharp seashells and shark teeth.

Notable Villagers and Quest Hooks

Villagers are generally friendly, if a little meek. If stats are needed use d4s all round, with upgrades in C or T for trappers and able fighters respectively.

1: The mayor is a tall woman with jellyfish hair. Wants books from far off towns.
2: The pub is run by a portly octopus man. Patrons tell of a demon frog in a nearby cave.
3: The general store lacks one important item. Help establish trade with a nearby town.
4: The garage owner is an urchin person. Sells some unique parts (d8 Power, upgrade if underwater).

The Blessed Water

There is nothing else available to drink in the village except for alcohol and whatever the party brings with them. Friendly fishfolk will warn of this, and the side effects.

Should a character drink the water, they can make a roll with their Toughness at the end of each day to resist its effects. 2 failed rolls and the character mutates. Their general appearance becomes fishier, and they must also roll for a mutation below:

1-2: Fins, scales.
3: Tentacles, fronds or shrimp-whiskers.
4: Suckers on hands/arms.
5: Deep sea bioluminescence.
6: Sea urchin spikes.
7: Swordfish nose.
8: Sharp teeth, big strong jaw.
9: Sea slug colouration and general sliminess.
10: Jellyfish or anemone hair.
11: Feet are big ol’ flippers.
12: Crab claw.

The character also gains the Fishfolk Trait, which allows them to upgrade their ACT die when 
swimming or otherwise using their mutation to their advantage.

Player Character Connections

One could be used at character creation if this Point is on your map.

1: Has heard tell of a shrine here with supposedly magical transformation properties.
2: Has a package to deliver to the mayor and a map to the village’s location.
3: Has a map with an X on the village’s location, warning that here be monsters.
4: Is a fishfolk who chose to see the world. Must spend starting XP on the Fishfolk Trait.

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