Wednesday, 22 August 2018

1d8 Garages

~ Every day for the rest of August, I'm posting content for the Journeylands mini-RPG playtest! Find out more and get the rules for free right here. ~

A few garages to drop into your game as Points, each offering a unique upgrade. Costs are as defined in the rules unless specified.

Roscoe’s Chop ‘n’ Change
Roscoe is a burly man with thick, dark chest hair and a well-oiled moustache.
Power d6, also comes with a tow cable, upgrade when rolling to tow something.
Secret Swap Shop
A clandestine engineer’s workshop that caters to bandits and the like. The owner is a scarred old woman with a prosthetic arm.
Weapons d8, retractable spikes and a fold-out cannon. Vehicle looks unarmed when weapons are stowed.
Jelly Place
A small garage round the side of a diner with a cute jellyfish mascot.
Handling d6. Also get a free jellyfish decal and discount card for ice cream in all Jelly Place branches.
Run by retired racing driver Wilson Merengue. Still wears his classic driving helmet and fabled moustache.
Power d8, upgrade when rolling to outspeed something on easy terrain. Costs 8500 due to name recognition.
Bullet Shack
Also sells handguns, swords and other weaponry.
Weapons d8. A huge-ass cannon, multi-gun array, or similarly bombastic weaponry.
Turtle Bay Repairs
Soothing surf music plays, the owners wear patterned shirts. Beverages offered while-u-wait.
Handling d6. Also offers Weapons d6, the Shell Shield: upgrade when defending against attack.
Magick Motors
Run by a little old man with a long white beard and moon-and-star robes.
Handling d10, can spend 1 Fuel to warp a few metres in any direction.
El Grande’s BBQ & Truck Stop
Huge vehicles, huge portions. El Grande is a retired luchador.
Fuel Tank upgrade, up to 15 maximum.

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