Tuesday, 28 August 2018

1d4 Encounters on the Road

~ Every day for the rest of August, I'm posting content for the Journeylands mini-RPG playtest! Find out more and get the rules for free right here. ~

1: A lone adventurer in their own personal vehicle, starting their journey. Roll up a PC, and roll 1d8 on a list of the names of the Seven Dwarves for a personality (reroll 8s).
2: A noble postal worker from the esteemed Guild of Letters! See their characteristic red garb and winged envelope insignia! Marvel at their resourceful determination! Giggle at their cute lil moped!
3: A broken down delivery truck, driver presumably nearby. Was carrying… 1: meat, 2: big eggs, 3: candy, 4: video games, 5: soda, 6: toys from a failed merchandising line.
4: What’s that, up above? A skydiver with a giant fan and gliding wings strapped to their back – an experimental flying contraption of their own design. Coming in hot.

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