Friday, 24 August 2018

Anemone Goddess

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A Point for your game.

Deep in a grove of land coral, rooted to the earth, she stands like a monument. True goddess or no, her power is beyond the reach of mortal men.

1d4 Major Quests from the Goddess:

Find her a Pearl of Wisdom. (Currently, one is in a hidden cave shrine, one is the prized possession of a notorious crime boss, and the third is the prize in a racing tournament.)
2: Bandits are beginning to encroach on her coral grove, harvesting. This is a big operation – once they’re done there will be nothing left. There must be some way to stop them.
3: She needs to go somewhere far away, but she’s planted here. Helping her move would require a heavy-duty vehicle (and a lot of explaining to anyone who sees) but it could, theoretically, be done.
4: She hasn’t heard from her sisters in a while, and doesn’t know where they are… but she couldn’t possibly ask you to travel the whole world in search of the other two! Unless you happen to be travelling the world anyway?

1d4 Boons from the Goddess:

1: She’ll teach you the language of fish. Your average sturgeon may not be the best conversationalist, but doors of communication with more interesting creatures are also open.
2: Her light goes with you. You are now her Cleric (can speak to her with your mind, are immune to poison and may summon her essence to upgrade any single die two steps by spending 1 Grit).
3: A free upgrade to your vehicle in the form of a magical coral core (d12 Handling, vehicle now hovers slightly off the ground, increase maximum Fuel capacity by 2).
4: A crystal conch. Blow it like a trumpet to instantly transport your vehicle and its contents back to her side, should you ever be in dire straits.

The Clownfish Cult

“Priests” if you’re talking to their faces. Noticeable immediately by their lurid orange robes, cut across with striking patches of black and white. They seem quiet but polite, monastic even, keeping to themselves and always travelling in groups.

A short conversation will reveal that they have never actually seen their deity in the flesh, only heard tell of her – an explorer founded the religion a few generations back and the rest has been hearsay. They ascribe to tenets of asceticism, privacy and humility, as well as esoteric rituals involving painted symbology, the imbibing of semi-toxic spirits and tantric fornication.

They could be the way in which the players first hear of the goddess, or they could be a faction to win over for players who have already encountered her.

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