Monday, 20 August 2018

Mini Carnival

~ Every day for the rest of August, I'm posting content for the Journeylands mini-RPG playtest! Find out more and get the rules for free right here. ~

A Point, could go anywhere really. Liven up a long journey.

Rides! Games! Food! A ghost train?! Let the players suggest additions to what’s going on if you can’t think of anything yourself. The whole thing is small and a bit run down, but lively enough. If there are other carnival-goers, they will include friendly NPCs the players have already met in the local area.

There’s a Test-Your-Strength game: highest Toughness roll of the day wins, costs 5 coins per try. The prize is the big, cartoon-esque mallet used for the game, which is surprisingly sturdy and could be used as a real weapon.

A wizened old man runs a target-shooting game from the back of his vehicle. Costs 5 coins, hit 3 targets to win a prize! Roll Coordination for each shot of the toy gun – if a player is doing too well, the old man will wiggle the final target by tugging on a piece of string he’s attached to his big toe (contested roll vs the geezer’s d6 Agility). The most observant person watching will notice this, seconds before the final shot is fired. The prize is a large stuffed toy of a local animal/kaiju.

More Hooks:
1: A young girl has lost her father. He’ll be on the other side of the carnival, looking for her.
2: A cooking contest! Players can enter for 10 coins, and win with high rolls and unique ingredients.
3: The guy running the candyfloss stall wants to leave the carnival and set up shop in a nearby town.
4: Low-level bandits the players met before are skulking around. They propose a truce.

If the players drive on by or don’t spend any money, consider having them come across a closed and abandoned carnival next time they’re passing through.

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