Thursday, 16 August 2018

and we're back!

Sorry for scuttling off for a few weeks! Moving house is a whole thing. The blog will be back underway in a big way very shortly!

Here's what's been going on in the meantime:

Work on the Graverobbers RPG continues apace. (Refresh your memory with the playtest document right here.)

The fine folks who support this blog and my game-making over at the Graverobber's Guild just got a whole big new chunk of the ruleset, as part of the general updates and behind-the-scenes stuff I share there. Consider donating just $1 a month to become a Guildmember yourself!

Over on Reddit, the peeps at r/osr just added this blog as one of their "favourites"! If you've come our way via that route, welcome. It feels nice to be listed up there, a couple of those blogs are ones I read regularly by proper actual writers and everything.

There's a Kickstarter on for a new edition of Troika! I'm not affiliated with this in any way, it's just a good game.

And just as a little aside, Steve Crompton, who works on Tunnels and Trolls, stopped by my review of their Japan magazine and thanked me for it! I know we're a small pond here in RPG-land, but my lil blog catching the eye of an actual big fish feels nice. The guy is a proper industry vet. Thanks for reaching out, Steve!

I don't think I've linked this here before? On my Twitter I mostly just retweet cool fantasy-ish art, so follow me if you want that and game stuff in your timeline.


Other than that, I've been plugging away at a whole bunch of good new stuff that will be with you very shortly. I'm excited for what's to come!

In fact, I think I hear an engine revving in the distance...

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