Thursday, 23 August 2018

1d4 Fellow Travellers

~ Every day for the rest of August, I'm posting content for the Journeylands mini-RPG playtest! Find out more and get the rules for free right here. ~

Your players aren't the only wanderers in Journeylands! These folk are going places.

Popping them into your game gives the players something to do (help them on their quest), somewhere to go (the distant lands or goals they speak of), and adds colour to your world.

1: Jiminy Hedgerows, a bearded scholar with a winning smile. Collects old artefacts, but prefers to not have to traverse the ruins himself where possible. A6, C6, T4.
2: Fiona Yejide, an entomologist with an adventurous spirit. Seeks new and exciting bugs to find, research and capture if possible. ACT d6, Angler Trait (reflavoured as Bug Catcher).
3: RJ “The Barista” Albanes, a stoic wanderer of few words, he is the foremost expert on coffee in the known world. Seeks new blends. ACT d4, Gourmet Trait.
4: Old Bones, the Boogeyman, Cactus Jim – he has many names. An animated skeleton, noble of heart sternum, he quests for some magic to break the curse upon him, writing wrongs on his way. A6, C4, T8, Fighter Trait, 5 Grit.

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