Thursday, 2 January 2020

Graverobbing 101

Happy New Year!

This is the 101st post I’ve made here. That means there’s a d100 table of Graverobber’s Guide posts to go back and read if you missed ‘em the first time round!

But are they all worth reading? Probably not! This is a place for me to splurge a lot of half-formed ideas and fleeting opinions. Do I stand by everything I’ve said in these last 100 posts? Hell no!

With that in mind, I’ve quickly curated a list of what I consider the 10 most immediately useful posts I’ve made in the last couple of years. Roll a d10 and pick one to peruse!

And if you’re new, this should serve as a half-decent introduction to what I do here. (The 101 thing being a play on words, because it’s the... y‘know, like in school? With... and the 101st post, so... so it’s... you get it.)

1: Bell Peppers and Beef. A mechanic that replaces money, for games where you want your players to struggle.

2: Building a GM’s Oracle. Steps on how, and why, you should build a bespoke random generator for your game - that makes your work as a GM easier and better.

3: The Mountain (a 200 word campaign). A gameable fantasy setting in 200 words. Try writing your own!

4: Calliope. A whimsical setting for any fantasy RPG composed of d10 tables just like this one. Fits into your game as a pocket dimension, and facilitates non-violent problem solving.

5: Adventure Collection 2018. Some adventures wot I did two whole years ago! Pick one you like the look of. (The Witch’s List is a favourite for many.)

6: Marrying Off Your Player Characters for Fun and Profit. If you haven’t proposed to your player (‘s characters) yet, why not?

7: To Hurtle Through Hell. Setting details, spells and a table of random viscera. A twist on planar travel and teleportation for any setting.

8: Magicienne (OSR Class). A magic-using class based on real life performance magic. Works in any fantasy system with a little tweaking.

9: Away With the Faeries (a racial mechanic). A replacement for alignment, and a dice mechanic that could be reworked to many different purposes.

10: The Graverobber’s Guide to Gardening. Plants for your dungeon-fantasy game setting. Why not make even random flora into gameable detail for your players to engage with?


Over two years and 100 posts later, I’m incredibly grateful for the support this blog has received. It’s been a sounding board for ideas, a gathering point for great discussions (RIP G+), and my way into a community of varied and amazing individuals of all identities from literally all over the world.

Every single time I post here I doubt the validity of what I’m doing, but you folks have welcomed and supported me the whole way. I’ve gotten jobs here, completed my own projects on scales I’d never thought of before, and worked and chatted with some truly awesome people.

Thanks for your support, whether it was a purchase, a donation, a like or comment or +1, sharing my stuff around or just being part of this space and reading my rambles.

Here’s to new heights, in 2020 and beyond.

Happy gaming x

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