Thursday, 31 October 2019

GRAVEROBBERS Bare Bones Edition

Welcome to the 100th post here on the Graverobber's Guide! Whether you've been here since the beginning or just found my blog, thanks for reading - and I hope some of my rambles from the past 2 years have helped you and your friends have enjoyable games together.

Now then...

GRAVEROBBERS Bare Bones Edition is available now to download for free!

GRAVEROBBERS is a tabletop roleplaying system for games of stealth and sedition. The Bare Bones version is just that - all the basic mechanics you need to get started. The game is in alpha form, so all feedback is appreciated - if you play it, let me know what you and your group think, how the game went and what happened!

A starter adventure is available here, and more updates and content will be forthcoming as the game goes into its next stage of development.

If you'd like to support that development, you can tell your friends, keep up with my writing here and on social media, purchase something from my Gumroad store or donate a couple of bucks a month to my Patreon.

Happy gaming! x

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