Wednesday, 18 August 2021

The Horror on Tau Sigma 7

 👽New Mothership pamphlet just dropped from orbit! 👽

The Horror on Tau Sigma 7 is a prequel to Magnum Galaxy Games’ Dying Hard on Hardlight Station, but also works as a standalone adventure. (If you backed the Dying Hard KS as part of ZineQuest 2 you’ve already got it! Now it’s available to everyone.)

I had a great time working on this one! Packing all that ~level design~ onto a single piece of paper is always a fun challenge, and I was given a lot of freedom considering this is meant to be part of MG’s universe! And they made it look really, really good.

The MG team were fans of Ypsilon 14 (hence the name I think!) and I tried to get some of those starter adventure vibes in there, but it’s a very different kind of adventure overall. If Ypsilon is the Nostromo, this is the bit at the start on the planet’s surface… Things get messy.

The pamphlet is available here. Or here!


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