Wednesday, 30 November 2022


 A Mothership hack.



House Rules

-        Replace Combat stat with Social. Roll Strength and Speed for melee and ranged attacks.

-        Roll for Cast and Role instead of Class and Patch/Trinket. No Skills or Saves, 20 HP, 1 Wound.

-        On a failed roll, gain Schlock instead of Stress. All characters share the same Schlock total.

-        Players may roll the Panic die under Schlock for a stroke of luck. +1 Schlock each Panic roll.

-        At 20 Schlock, the adventure becomes unbearable. Game Over!



-        Ascended Stuntperson: +10 Strength. [+] on STR, [-] on Social.

-        Precocious Starlet. +10 Speed. Reroll Panic die once per session.

-        Incongruous Thespian: +10 Intellect. Once per session, reduce Schlock by 1d5.

-        Sex Symbol: +10 Social. +1d5 Schlock at 0AP.

-        Puppet Sidekick: +10 all stats. No Role, +1 Schlock on successful checks.



-        Chosen One: Light Sword (1d10), Impractical Armour (5AP), [+] all checks vs a single enemy

-        Dashing Rogue: Raygun (1d10[+]), Stylish Clothing (1AP), [-] all attacks against you

-        Galactic Royalty: Raygun (1d10[+]), Elaborate Costume (3AP), understand any language

-        Otherworlder: Strange Weapon (2d5), Rubbery Suit (3 AP), return from death once.

-        Star Wizard: Fancy Robes (1AP), 5 SFX budget per session, spend at will, +1 Schlock per use

o   3 SFX: Pyrotechnics, 5d10 area dmg

o   2 SFX: Mind Magic, incapacitate 1 enemy

o   0 SFX: Transmit Thought to any ally


Forbidden Temple of the Moon Lizards

1.     Exterior.

a.     Dense jungle plants surround huge stone door, hallway within.

b.     2 lizard men guards [C:50 (Spear 1d10), I:60]. Pick and eat jungle fruits.

c.      Carvings on wall in strange language lead to side passage and dungeon.

2.     Hallway.

a.     Flaming torches, uniform stone walls. Portrait of lizard queen, oddly human.

b.     Grand doors to the arena. Heavy beam used to barricade them from this side.

c.      Cold, dark steps down to the prison.

3.     Arena.

a.     Circular balcony over huge pit, doors to hallway.

b.     Lizard queen on far side, enthroned. Vain, vindictive and greedy.

c.      Sturdy gates in the pit below connect to the prison and dungeon.

4.     Prison.

a.     Dank, cold stone beneath the planet’s surface. Cells guarded by lizard men.

b.     Stairs up to the warm, well-lit hallway. A passage to the arena pit.

c.      A prisoner spouts exposition before dying dramatically.

5.     Dungeon.

a.     Underground chamber. A monster [C:70 (Claws 2d10), I:50]. Chained, kept hungry. 

b.     Passage to arena pit, secret passage to exterior.

c.      Rack of lizard spears (1d10 dmg), long rope, barrel of sticky tar.


Spwack said...

YES. This is peak game design. Why does the Puppet Sidekick get +1 Schlock on successful roles?

D. G. Chapman said...

My thinking was that every time the puppet gets any focus the whole situation just seems a bit more ridiculous haha