Wednesday, 7 July 2021


 The Bare Bones of GRAVEROBBERS are now available!

Download them here for free.

This 1.0 release marks the first “finished” version of the game. Rules have been tweaked and finalised, structured with usable guidelines and laid out as a pamphlet for easy use on screens or printed out.

(Yes, I know I said 0.4 was next. I got carried away.)

Patch notes:

- we’re live! 1.0 means that while there may well be updates and adjustments still to come, we are no longer in alpha. GRAVEROBBERS has graduated from a 2-page word document to a… slightly nicer looking 2-page word document.

- ease of use and clarity updates! 3-column pamphlet format. Everything has been reworded for reference and simplicity. Extraneous details are omitted, while new edge case rules and notes should help everything flow better. Each rule is still a modular, removable whole, though! Oh, and there’s a character sheet now, finally

- rules tweaks! Inventory/encumbrance rules now standard (though still modular), along with a more defined currency system that ties into the Black Market phase (was Day Phase). The White Eye (was Eye) has been altered - no more certain doom, just a very precarious possible death spiral. Yay!

- item changes kind of ties into everything else but items now have suggested Black Market prices. Some other minor changes (did you know that victorian policemen’s truncheons were marked with their seal an id number, literally it was their badge, you can’t make this shit up, acab and so forth)

- other things i probably forgot!

If you’d like to see more of GRAVEROBBERS, and not just “when i get round to it”, you can support the project through the PWYW feature on gumroad or by purchasing my other game stuff.

Thanks for your support over the years. Next up - starter adventure!

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