Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Sisterhood of Sleep

This is a dungeon i doodled about a month ago, good for a side quest maybe. Someone you know got took.

Entrance - 1d4 cultists, moving inward

A cave at the foot of treacherous cliffs, out of the reach of the tide but wracked by sea spray. Cold, wet grey stone and the faint orange glow of torchlight on the far wall. The entranceway is hidden in the stone. This is where the cultists, women in white robes, cloth masks bearing the Closed Eye, have taken their kidnapped.

Pillar Chamber

Here, the stone is less rough, natural but hewn into shape. Four pillars support the craggy ceiling. On the first two, facing inward, are two twisted faces - any movement between them causes sleeping gas to spew from their gaping mouths. The cultists know this, and casually walk around the pillars in a twisting path.

Stairwell and Antechamber - 1d2 cultists, preparing

Stairs in the stone lead down. There is an opening to the east into a small room - to the left as you enter is a stone basin for the ritual washing of hands, and to the right a keg of sleeping draught. The back section of the space is separated by a thick white curtain - behind it are spare robes and masks.

Great Pit 

The passage opens onto an enormous cavern deep in the cliffside. A walkway encircles the great pit in the centre, leading to a raised altar on the opposite side. The pit is immeasurably deep, and leads to the dimension of the Dreamer.

On the western side of the walkway, an alcove contains a spiral staircase leading up to a mezzanine level, which mirrors the walkway except for a gap over the altar. To the east, steps lead down into the library.

Library - 1d4 cultists, researching

Two joined chambers, full of old tomes. The first contains the majority of the books, while the second has the rarer pieces. The northern bookcase in the second chamber is a secret door - pulling the right book causes the case to slide away and reveal a hidden passage.

Notable Books: 1, a spell to ease nightmares and protect dreams from being eaten; 2, holy texts on the Dreamer, detailing the sacrificial ritual; 3, history of the Sisterhood, giving the current leader’s name and details such as clothing, greetings and minor rituals; 4, a history of the area, leading to another dungeon.

Hidden Passage - cult leader, with prisoner

A tunnel connecting the library to a room behind the altar. In this space, the leaders of the Sleeping Sisters prepare for their sacrifices - placing a sleeping person on the altar and performing the rites cause the Dreamer to stir and lift Her mighty trunk from the great pit to impart dreams into the sleeper’s mind.

Once the drugs wear off the sleeper wakes in a stir, and has mere hours to recall their prophetic dreams before their mind fades into endless sleep. The prophecy will contain information about a greater power in your campaign.

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