Tuesday 16 June 2020

Dissident Whispers + Updates

Dissident Whispers is a massive anthology of 58 adventures for some of the best games currently available, including Troika!, Mothership and MÖRK BORG, as well as a host of system neutral adventures - with layout, writing and design from some of the best creative minds on the scene.

All proceeds from this massive international project go to bail funds, supporting Black Lives Matter activists across the US.

You can download the pdf and preorder a limited edition physical copy right here.

I’ve been working on stuff slowly but surely. Will have a lot to show for it fairly soon - a few more blog posts here before the end of the month, a fun announcement... soon? That’ll be on here too, or on my Twitter.

BUTCHERY backers should be getting the final zine about September/October time? It’s 90% done with only the included adventure left to finish, but as we all know the last 10% of any project is about 90% of the work so that’ll take a bit more time. Still ahead of schedule tho!

I’ve been thinking out loud about this over there for a while, but I’ll probably be shutting my Patreon down soon. I’m enormously grateful to everyone who’s chipped in a buck or two a month since I started it, but it’s turning into a burden that I don’t feel up to continuing further. Plus the company suuuuucks. I’d put an update on there but I don’t have access to a machine that likes Patreon’s interface right now so it might just... go :P If you’ve supported the patreon for any amount of time and feel you’re still owed some free stuff, please do reach out and I’ll get you codes and whatnot for upcoming releases! I really do appreciate the support and I want to show that where possible.

For all that’s still to come, stay tuned, buy Dissident Whispers, eat your veggies, Black Lives Matter, ACAB, stay safe, keep 2m apart, support independent art, love uproariously, and I’ll speak to you soon. Peace xox