Tuesday, 14 May 2019

After School Demon Hunters

I wrote a 200-word RPG a year or so ago as a kinda of creative exercise and put it up on my Gumroad store, mainly just so there'd be something there.

I feel like it doesn't really fit in there anymore so I'm taking it down, but I didn't want it to just disappear.

So, here ya go!

After School Demon Hunters

The Story

Each player is a teenager in high school. Together you run the After School Demon Hunters and rid your school and local area of demons, using the magical power from a mysterious book, phone app, etc. It may be tempting to use its magic in your daily life, but don’t forget about those demons!


Your character has 4 Traits: Jock, Nerd, Prep and Goth. Spend 7 points between them, with 0 to 3 in each.

Also pick a favourite subject from the following: Arts & Drama, History & the Humanities, Literature & Languages, Maths & Sciences and Physical Education.


To do something important, roll to match or beat a difficulty of 4 (average), 6 (difficult) or 8 (almost impossible), decided by the GM. Roll 1d6 and add a Trait, explaining why it’s relevant. If your favourite subject is also relevant, you can reroll once.

The team collectively has 7 Magic dice. Add these to any result, but when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Investigate whatever spookiness is afoot, but don’t neglect your school work! When you finally discover and confront the demon, roll your remaining Magic dice. If any are doubles, you exorcise, seal or destroy it.


TPmanW said...

I have long mused on the idea of a highschool RPG. Cliques as race/class and school classes as custom options.
Play it up to the nines. Go full anime. Majoring in sewing gives you the ability to sew peoples pant legs together in a flash. Drama majors can develop an alter ego with its own major.
Damage can be dealt to a character's Popularity and Academic stats, giving disadvantage on social rolls and even allowing the GM to expel you from the game.
Alignments are Prep and Punk.

D. G. Chapman said...

I'd play it! Going full anime is a great way to make it work, lots of trope material to use. Would need solid player goals too but again lots of options there.