Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Kickstarters and Updates and Whatnot

For those of you somehow unaware, there are a metric fuckton of dope-ass RPG Kickstarter projects on right now!

Here are some personal picks, which I will most definitely be backing. Some of these aren't on for long, so get in quick.

Tome/Wish You Were Here - Link!

Adam Vass is a cool dude pumping out a whole variety of very creative game stuff. Tome is a system-neutral zine of fantasy content. If you're on this blog then that's right up your street - trust me, I know you.

The same KS also funds Wish You Were Here, a collection of minigames with some cool contributors bringing additional content. (How cool are these contributors, you ask? Well, one of them is me! So, uh, not very?)

Fuckin' Mothership - Link!

Yeah, that's right. The game with the best visual design in RPGs, full stop.

New module, printings of the rules and the first module. Just... Just get it.

Ultraviolet Grasslands - Link!

The sickeningly multifaceted talent that is Luka Rejec's big ol' psychedelic old-school adventure. I adore the journey concept, and everything I've seen of this so far has been stunning.

The Demon Collective - Link!

Another zine of fantasy goodness, with some very cool people working on it, including Mabel Harper, who I am a huge fan of.

Dead Halt - Link!

I don't know much about this but it looks real good. Like Paranoia or MCC but for those of us who only barely recall the 90s.

And there's a lot more out there! Have a browse, support some great independent game designers.

Speaking of which...

A brief reminder that I have a Patreon, the Graverobber's Guild. For $1USD a month, you get updates and playtest and free stuff.

I'm about to upload a cool solo tabletop game on there for playtest, and Guildmembers will get a 100% discount on the Secret Mystery Project I have coming out in April.

If you like the kind of things I do, please consider helping to support me making them :)

A Short Statement

I have never worked with Zak S or bought one of his products, but I consider myself part of the DIY/adventure/OSR scene, and I think silence is not a good idea here, so:

I support the victims of Zak's abuse and believe their claims.

Also - a lot of good, kind hearted people have worked with or for Zak, whether through manipulation or simple lack of awareness. These include several marginalised (non-white and/or queer and/or disabled) individuals who are bright lights of creativity in this industry, and some of my personal favourite RPG writers and creators.

I will endeavour to support them as they move forward. If you're looking for a way to help victims of this situation, that's a good start.


An addendum that kinda links this whole post together:

We live under capitalism. It sucks, but the system measures value through money. In all industries, this one in particular, creative workers see very little compensation, as the system does not value creative expression as an inherent good.

If you are in a position to do so, please make every effort to support people whose work you value through financial donations or the purchasing of products. We don't like it any more than you do, but we need money for basic necessities.

Likewise, consider where your money for entertainment and art goes, and whether there are ways you can more efficiently, or even directly, support those responsible for the things you love.

Thank you x

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