Tuesday, 26 February 2019

It Came From The Blogosphere! #2

There's always good stuff on the blogs - here are some things I've read and enjoyed lately.

buckle up Kids,, we;re going "ON LINE"
Emmy Allen, back at it again with a new setting idea: Sharne, a post-capitalist hellscape plane for your fantasy games. Characteristically brilliant - if this is the next Ynn/Stygian Library, I'm all for it.

Speaking of setting concepts, this one from Arnold K is delicious. The Exile is a mountain that got told to fuck off into space, but made a deal with an evil sorcerer to stay in the sky a little longer. Now the sorcerer is dead, and the players are his mind-wiped slaves, waking up on an island that hurtles further from the ground. I mean... right?!

Or, just generate your own apocalypse by rolling your whole dice set at once, with these very nicely thought out tables of Eschatologies from Necropraxis.

Basic Red is excited for BREAK!!, and I am too. As should we all be!

And here's Dan D with the core themes of his Mother Stole Fire setting. As well as enjoying the article, Dan encourages aping its style - which he himself cribbed from the Bogeyman's Cave post linked within. I'll likely be doing something similar for my next post, or at least taking some inspiration.


Further Effluvia:
- I have witnessed the finished pdf for Troika!'s Numinous Edition... yea, I hath seen the light... and it is GLORIOUS. You need this game.
- If you have stomach enough for Twitter, you should absolutely join in with the RPG conversations going on over there. Since G+ began its death rattles, the quality of insight and conversation has gotten much better. Start by following Dungeons and Possums (@dungeonspossums), who regularly links and shares other worthy peeps and is a very nice marsupial in general.

Keep sharing the cool RPG stuff you find! Be a fan, let yourself get excited, and spread the good word 🙌

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