Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Bastard Magic

I've written before about how I like practical magic in RPGs. Magical effects that feel real, occult, that affect things within the game world rather than the mechanics. Spells made of words, not bonus numbers and damage dice. Magic that feels like magic.

With that in mind, here is a new magic system of 30 spells that I'm calling Bastard Magic.

art by Eleanor Bergmann
I wrote it as a magic option for my own game, but it's completely system neutral and fits into any fantasy RPG.

Each of the 30 spells comes with a full description that works as a guide for the GM, the player and the characters within the game. Each spell also comes with suggestions on how to begin thinking about using magic creatively.

You can download it for free right here.


Awpteamoose said...

This is absolutely brilliant!
Do you know of anything similar? From some of your inspirations maybe?

D. G. Chapman said...

The closest thing I can think of would be Wonder and Wickedness ( and the follow-up Marvels and Malisons