Friday 1 March 2024


I’m making the difficult decision to close down the Graverobber’s Guide.

Lack of time and energy, as well as bad luck financially in and outside of my games work, have unfortunately gotten to the point where I no longer feel able to continue regularly writing for this blog. Instead of forcing things or slowing down, I feel like the best course for me right now is to take a break.

I will still be making stuff, and fulfilling any ongoing commitments. I’ve got some long-gestating projects that will hopefully surface this year. And I’m absolutely still taking on work, now more than ever tbh - contact me at graverobbers guide at gmail dot com

I’d like to thank everyone who’s read the Guide these past years, it’s been a lot of fun! For something that started as, and remained, basically just a notebook for me to blurt out my thoughts and ideas about our fantastic hobby, the response has been amazing. I got to do the best job ever because of this place.

Thanks especially to those of you who’ve commented on and shared your favourite posts. This is a solitary business and I’m not really part of any online discussion spaces, so it’s nice to know people are really out there.

If one person used something I wrote and had a good time with their friends, this has all been worthwhile. All the posts I’ve done here, good and bad lol, will still be here to read of course

If you’re able to help at all or just want to buy some cool stuff, my store is still open here.

I’d like to return some day. Until then, happy gaming x


Josh said...

I'm sorry to hear this.

People are, of course, allowed to take breaks.

I hope yours is restful and I see you around again sometime.

Marc Tabyanan said...

I understand the time it takes to do this and the drain it can have. I have to keep telling myself that gaming it the point, not writing about it. Take a break, rest--and have fun again.

Dan said...

Take care, mate. Have a good rest and here's hoping things turn around for you.