Friday 13 January 2023


 I’m still here and I’m about to make it everybody’s problem

Coming this year:

Mothership: ADSPACE is still on track to be out this month. Next month it’s zinequest/zimo and I’m hoping to have something ready that’s been cooking for a very long time, excited to show you. This is kind of a huge step for me so fingers crossed it goes ok.

In March 1E should be out or imminent and you’ll be able to get your hands on Another Bug Hunt, which I’m very proud of. Beyond that… idk fam I’ve been living month to month my whole adult life, April is a big stretch for me. But yes, more MoSh

Graverobbers: I’m itching to get to the next step in G’robs, a complete starter package. Rules, adventure, tools, extras. Already playtesting and it’s gonna be good

Other projects: Look, I gotta eat so stuff that pays takes priority. But I haven’t forgotten about the likes of DEADLINE and ONSLAUGHT, I have plans for those! Hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more this year.

This blog: I post when I feel I’ve got something worth posting! I’m doing dungeon23, google it if you don’t know what’s up, so maybe I’ll at least post some of that at some point. When I write stuff for home games that’s not also going on sale you’ll get that too lol

Not to be dramatic, but this year is a big one. Based on how things go, what jobs come my way, whether i can pull crowdfunds off etc, I’m going to see whether the steady growth I’ve had professionally since starting this thing 5 years ago (!) is going to turn into something I can do for the rest of my life, or a hobby I come back to now and again for beer money. it sucks but I gotta pay rent and think about the practicals!

So, here’s hoping. I’d love to keep making things for you all. Gonna do my best this year.

Let’s all work at changing the little bit of the world that’s right where we each are. See where that gets us

Happy new year xox

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