Monday, 7 February 2022

High Tide Highway

 I hope everyone’s enjoying Journeylands #1 so far! Pick it up here if you haven’t yet x

High Tide Highway is 3 clicks long and goes exactly where you want to be. Reroll 1s if travelling by day.

1-2. Bandits! The Barracuda Gang have mouths to feed. #hit until someone fixes their food supply issues.

3. Clear sailing. Just you and the road.

4. Traffic! A lot of travellers taking this route today. Handling checks only.

5. Food truck. Stop here if you have time and get free samples. (Roll this with bandits about and they’ll be scared away!)

6. Crabbing contest. Anglers lower lines off the side of the highway into the coral canyons below. These crabs are gourmands - finely flavoured bait will catch a whopper and win the prize, a Crabshell Bumper [widget, negate #hit, 2 uses before breaking, repair uses at a garage or bait shop]

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