Friday, 14 February 2020

It Came From The Blogosphere!: Valentine’s Special

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Also, and this is important - once you’re over on KickStarter, you can click my profile to check out all the ZineQuest blogs I’ve backed. I’m in an uncharacteristic period of relative financial stability so I was able to support quite a few, but there are absolutely, undeniably, a whole host of other fantastic projects out there worth your cash money. Please use my “backed projects” list as a springboard and thence go ham. Support the games!!

Now then.

It’s Valentine’s Day! So let’s share the love, shall we? As we prostrate ourselves at the feet of the mannequin of capitalism, propped up in place of the soul-affirming ineffability of human connection - let’s read some blogs!

ah yes,,. the world “wide Web”
Prolific OSR-adjacent visual artist Sam Mameli has some good thoughts on why old-school games are good to play. I agree with the thoughts! You can read the thoughts here.

Anne Hunter over at DIY and Dragons is good people. Her voice is one of those I miss from the little bit of the G+ days I’m old enough to remember. In this post, she draws brilliant connections between video game rogue like design and tabletop RPGs. This article is a resource unto itself - do read it.

A late (shoot me, the messenger - it was written well on time) Christmas gift from Dan D - space combat for the world’s other favourite fantasy RPG Troika!, plus d66 brilliant spaceships! Peruse here. Oh, and have you ever considered writing your own gaming blog but not known where to start? Or started one but run out of ideas for posts? Dan’s Joesky Tax d100 table is d100 good blog posts in the making.

I was unfamiliar with Circas K and their blog Sword of Mass Destruction - until this post made I and many others sit up and pay attention. The thoughts I’ve had on clerics and “religion” in fantasy games, crystallised into not only a well-written article but actual gameable resources(!) by a genuine scholar of religion?! Yes please.

Arnold K at the esteemed Goblin Punch has some things to say about all these Birds.

Dai Shugars does a lovely bit of theory writing here, recrafting 5 guidelines for libraries written by a Tamil librarian in the 30s into 5 guidelines for RPGs. It’s all good stuff!

Over on her goldmine of a scrapheap of a blog A Monster Manual Sewn From Pants, the luminous Scrap Princess provides campaign frames for games that last about 2-4 sessions, and oh boy howdy am I here for it.

And finally, I always enjoy reading Zedeck Siew’s words. Here’s a big crab.

Read the blogs, write the blogs, share the blogs. See you next time, losers x

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