Monday, 1 July 2019

For the Guild! and Games Worth Playing

For the Guild!

I've done what I've been threatening to do for a while now and updated my Patreon page, the Graverobber's Guild. Currently, this is the best way to support me and the stuff I make on a regular basis.

You can tip $1 USD a month if you like what I'm about, or for just $2 USD a month you can get monthly updates, advanced playtest documents, sneak peeks and discounts on the games I make! Back in April, Guildmembers recieved my game GoGoGolf! for free, and there are lots more lil nuggets like that on the way.

Have a look and please consider chipping in to help keep the lights on!

art by Nicoletta Migaldi
(the Graverobber she designed is the blog's mascot! That's her, there, at the top of the page!)

Games Worth Playing

I'm starting a review series here on the blog called Games Worth Playing. That includes tabletop RPGs as well as other tabletop/analogue/physical games. Whatever I want, basically.

Here's a bit of info so you know what to expect, and so I have some kind of structure to hold myself to:

- I will only review games I think are actually good in at least some respects, hence the Worth Playing. No scathing takedowns.
- No review scores! I don't think they really do much good overall.
- I guarantee that if I am reviewing a game, I have played it. I'll play games as many times as I feel is necessary before reviewing them, so likely more than once.
- I will attempt to approach reviews from a design perspective, so if you're here for me talking Game Design then this series will fit in with the rest of this blog.
- Blog posts on here are fairly stream-of-consciousness, often just my notes given a roughly readable shape - I'll be doing my best to write Games Worth Playing to what I consider a professional standard.
- I won't review expensive games unless I feel they unequivocally justify their price tag - I doubt you'll see many, if any, Games Worth Playing that cost more than £30 or so at time of purchase, and many that are much cheaper than that (or free!).
- Generally speaking, there will be more of a focus on independent creators and lesser-known games!
- Also, can't believe I need to say this, but given the current climate around media journalism - reviews are just my personal opinions! No more, no less.

I've put a goal on the Patreon page; if we reach 20 Guildmembers, I'll do one Game Worth Playing per month. Until then, I'll post them whenever I get round to it.

First review coming soon! It's shaping up to be a doozy...

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