Tuesday, 25 September 2018

1d10 Magic Keys

Each can be used once, and disappears after its effect completes. A keyring holds 2d4 random keys.

the OGs
1: Opens any non-magical lock.
2: Restores lost memories and normal mental state (breaks charm, control, etc.).
3: When spun on the floor, points to the nearest deliberately hidden object.
4: When pointed at a door and turned until a click is heard, that door opens (or closes if it was open already), but this effect cannot lock or unlock.
5: Remembers the shape of any key it touches and can assume them at the holder's will, lasts a day
6: If gripped tight for a minute, all other keys within ~200ft fly towards the holder.
7: Instantaneously undoes knots, unscrews screws and opens bolts for 1 minute after its first use, cannot unlock locks.
8: Creates a door in any wall that leads through any other doorway the user knows well, the door vanishes only when it is first shut.
9: Can lock any lock, cannot unlock anything.
10: In conversation, the listener thinks the holder said the exact right thing - the most witty or charming answer, the correct password, the information the listener was hoping to receive, etc. but only the listener hears these words, lasts 1 hour.

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