Saturday, 5 January 2019


GRAVEROBBERS is a tabletop RPG I've been working on for, hm, a while now.

It's a stealth-based system rooted in OSR design principles. Players plan and enact heists and espionage missions in a GM-governed fictional world, achieving their goals while evading the ever-watchful Authority.

The full starter kit comes out later this year.

You can read the rulebook right now and start playing early, as well as give direct playtest feedback, by joining the Graverobber's Guild for just $1 USD a month. Ooh look, here's a link!

Also still to come from this blog in 2019...

- More OSR/DIY supplements! Like Bastard Magic, my favourite thing I made in 2018.
- More adventures for your games! I did all these ones last year.
- All kinds of other content and classes and places and things.
- Games! Not only Graverobbers, but a bunch of other weird stuff!
- Rambling nonsense about game design!
- A secret project I can't talk about yet!

Follow me on Twitter, or G+ while it lasts. Talk to me about games, or let me know if you want to work with me or hire me for things, I'm very nice.

Here's to 2019! Let's make good shit x

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